How do I use ADAGIO beard oil, and how often?
Squeeze a few drops onto your palms and rub your hands. Gently massage your beard and moisturise the skin beneath. ADAGIO beard oil is best used on a dry beard post shower. Apply up to 1-3 times daily, or as per your requirements.

How do I use ADAGIO beard balm, and how often?
Use ADAGIO beard balm after applying ADAGIO beard oil. Place a small dollop of ADAGIO beard balm into the palms of your hands and rub palms until balm is warmed and dissolved. Work into your beard from your neck to chin. Use more if required Once the bottom of the beard is well moisturised, use more if necessary and work into your sideburns downwards. Beard balm is not only a conditioner but assists in maintaining your beard’s shape.
Once balm application is complete, use your ADAGIO beard brush or comb to style your beard.

Should I use a beard brush or beard comb?
Beard age 1-3 months- initially use the ADAGIO bristle brush once a day after applying the beard oil or balm.
Beard age 3-5 months (and beyond) – Free the ADAGIO beard comb from its leather case and it can then fulfil its destiny as the ultimate beard de-tangler!

The ADAGIO beard comb has two sets of teeth for your foray into beard growth. The smaller teeth can be used on a shorter beard, and the bigger teeth can comb and tame a longer beard.

Where do you ship ADAGIO products?
We ship within Australia only (at this stage). Stay tuned….

What are ADAGIO payment methods?
We accept credit card.

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