F(l)atten the Curve

We have lovingly fat washed spiced rum in butter. Creamy, rummy goodness combined with Pedro Ximenez sherry is topped with chocolate bitters. This modern-day Rum Old Fashioned is the ultimate indulgence. Staying home with this larger than life libation is how we f(l)atten the curve!

-Butter washed spiced rum
-Pedro Ximenez sherry
-Chocolate Bitters

How to drink: Stir and pour over ice.

Suggested Garnish: Orange Peel
Suggested Food: Lindt Dark Chocolate “Orange Intense”
Suggested music: “One for my baby” by Frank Sinatra

Cocktails are freshly prepared on the day of delivery. Refrigerate or store below 5°C and consume within 48 hours (if you can wait that long!)

ABV 32%
2.53 Standard Drinks

“Drinking Rum before 10am makes you a Pirate”.
– Earl Dibbles Jr

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