The Juniper Collective Beard Apparatus

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It has been a rough day. You are exhausted and decide to pay a visit to your favourite bar. You remove your jacket and find your preferred chair, a seat at the bar bench.

The bartender examines your face, scrutinises the bar and pulls out a bottle. A bottle of gin is uncorked and poured into a thin, glass mixing beaker. The silver stirring spoon soundlessly whirs amidst ice. Condensate forms outside the beaker and the stirring stops. A strainer appears on top of the glass and its contents are poured into an iced coupe which stands on a wooden coaster. Your fingers hold the glass’ stem and inhale.

Upon the juniper sea floats a ship on its own spice route, carrying the scurvy cure of citrus. A small sip and your personal gin journey begins. The scent of IN-GIN-UITY evokes an exquisite image of a navy strength vessel, commandeered by a spiced and seasoned sea captain.

The Juniper Collective Beard Apparatus is the gin-inspired box of sleek simplicity. It contains the top-notch tools you need to retain well behaved facial follicles.
– 1 x Beard brush
– 1 x Beard Comb in a leather case
– 1 x Canvas Tote
– 1 x Scissors
– 1 x IN-GIN-UITY Beard Oil 30ml
– 1 x IN-GIN-UITY Beard Balm 30g

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