LIMITED EDITION : The Negroni Collection


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The full story of 7 original recipe Negronis and collection of the Negroni Narrative and Negroni Epilogue

– 1 x 100ml UME-GRONI – ume/marjoram/sakura
– 1 x 100ml SUNSHINE NEGRONI – blood orange/sage/shiso
– 1 x 100ml MATCHA TEA-GRONI – matcha/rosemary/yuzu
– 1 x 100ml POM – EGRONI – pomegranate/sumac/umami
– 1 x 100ml PEDRO’S NEGRONI – turmeric/PX/hinoki
– 1 x 100ml ACORN NEGRONI
– 1 x 100ml OAK-GRONI

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Store in cool conditions and consume within 2 months. Prior to imbibing we suggest that cocktails be shaken in their bottle, poured and stirred over ice.

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