The Japanese Bitters – Umami


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Tasting notes: savoury, rich, brine, flavour of the sea
Recommended cocktails: Bloody Mary, Mezcal Negroni, Dirty Martini
Recommended beer: Stout, Porter
Flavour feels: A serenade to savoury

Umami can be translated as “pleasant savoury taste”. Umami bitters is a special blend of quintessentially Japanese flavours sourced from all around Japan.

Its ingredients of dried shiitake mushrooms, kelp and bonito have a high concentration of umami.

This triad of Japanese ingredients allows for the ultimate synergy of umami. Elegantly balanced with citrus, umami bitters enhance delicate flavours and provide an unique savoury dimension.

Ingredients: alcohol, kelp, shiitake mushroom, dried bonito (fish), yuzu

Umami Bitters contains dried fish (seafood), seaweed and mushrooms. Please do not consume if allergic to any ingredients. Non-vegetarian/non vegan.

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