Dawn to Dusk Beard Apparatus


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It’s the start of the day. You’re exhausted but you keep plodding along. As per your morning ritual, you walk into your favourite cafe. Every day, the barista carefully draws the caffeinated goodness that gets your morning started. You tap your card and your hand encloses around the paper cup, in an attempt to keep your fingers warm. You lift the cup to eager lips and are hit by the scent of coffee. You are immersed in an ocean of Arabica, a reservoir of Robusta and a sea of contentment. Energised and well caffeinated, you begin your day. The continuous stream of work makes the hours fly and soon it is time to leave.

You finally reach home. You throw your bags on the floor and make your way to the alcohol cabinet. Bitter orange catches your eye as does a bottle of gin glinting in the corner of the shelf. This is a sign that it is Negroni time. Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Gin are stirred in over ice, with a twist of orange peel expressed of oil and sinking into the Negroni. Ah, the contentment this cocktail brings! Soon it is time for bed and you get ready for the next day of life.

The combination of a morning coffee with an evening Negroni, the intoxicating aroma of coffee, orange, aromatic herbs and gin, makes a Coffee Negroni life’s trademark libation. Like the cocktail, COFFEE NEGRONI Beard Oil and Beard Balm will keep you going from Dawn to Dusk.

The Dawn to Dusk Beard Apparatus is the Coffee Negroni inspired box of sleek simplicity. It contains the top-notch tools you need to retain well behaved facial follicles.
– 1 x Beard Brush
– 1 x Beard Comb in a leather case
– 1 x Canvas Tote Bag
– 1 x Scissors
– 1 x COFFEE NEGRONI Beard Oil 30ml
– 1 x COFFEE NEGRONI Beard Balm 30g

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