The Story of Adagio

ADAGIO is a musical term which can be translated from Italian to mean “slowly”.

Our name was inspired by the fateful day ADAGIO founder AB reached for a bottle of whisky in a cupboard. The bottle was not properly fastened and upon the bottle’s descent from the shelf, AB was soaked from head to toe. Frustrated, they cursed, rushed for a mop and began the task of cleaning the dampened floorboards. Taking deep breaths, AB sighed. Slow down, they said, go ADAGIO. Lamenting the loss of a lovely whisky, AB smelled the air, smiled and thought, at least my face smells nice. This “Eureka” moment of

face + whisky + feeling good

resulted in the birth of ADAGIO.

Honouring AB’s lack of co-ordination, ADAGIO products revolve around liquid inspiration. Whisky and gin are AB’s favourite spirits and thus “THE NEW FASHIONED” and “IN-GIN-UITY” beard oils and balms were born. Amongst others, gentle botanicals of olibanum, bergamot and juniper formed the basis of hydrating facial oils and nourishing hand balms.

As well as our beard oils and balms, the ADAGIO BEARD APPARATUS kit contains the equipment you need to keep your facial growth in check.

Use ADAGIO and take the time to take care of you.

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