The Story of The Japanese Bitters

In the wake of the devastating Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Japanese Embassy in Toronto held a charity event designed to raise international awareness and funds for those affected by the natural disaster. A Japanese bartender named Yuki Yamazaki designed cocktails for the event and was celebrated by the Canadian media.

Inspired, Yuki decided to plan production of The Japanese Bitters, drops of which could add the flavours of Japan to cocktails and more.

After travelling to Schiedam in the Netherlands in 2015, Yuki learned more about alcohol production at the Herman Jansen Distillery, a longstanding distillery with a history spanning more than 250 years.

Yuki moved back to Japan, and with the knowledge and experience he gained in Schiedam, created and produced his own bitters within 2 years.

The Japanese Bitters are the first domestically produced aromatic bitters in Japan, and consist of quintessentially Japanese flavours. They have received great feedback and positive media attention throughout the world, with products distributed throughout Europe, the USA and much of Asia.

Australian gastronomes embrace unique, premium quality products which can expand their palate and add new dimensions to their tastebuds. The Japanese Bitters add a special element to cocktails (and food) and are a staple for any bartender.

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