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-Japanese Spirits, Liqueurs & Bitters-
-Bespoke Bottled Cocktails-

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept loosely translated to “your sense of purpose and reason for being”.

IKIGAI is what inspires you to get out of bed every morning

SHOP IKIGAI stocks a carefully curated portfolio of niche Japanese spirits, liqueurs and bitters.

We also stock bespoke cocktails tailored to curious tastebuds.

Our IKIGAI is providing you with the opportunity to sip, savour and experience creative cocktails embrace the unique flavours of Japan.

Japanese distilleries and breweries have an unparalleled ability to create premium quality products that are well-balanced and satisfyingly smooth.  

Native Japanese botanicals are unique and used in many of our products. These unusual flavours will challenge your palate and take you on a delightful odyssey into Japanese alcohol.

KOKORO COCKTAILS - Bespoke Bottled Cocktails
“Kokoro” is a Japanese word that cannot quite be translated to English.

To have good “kokoro” is to have a good heart, intelligent mind and inherent kindness. 

We have named our range “Kokoro Cocktails” so that your heart may be warmed, your mind eased and your body relaxed.  

All cocktails are original recipes created by us!

Melbourne Home Delivery Cocktails
We deliver freshly made cocktails directly to your door! Check out the order form to see if we deliver to you!

Bespoke Long Life Cocktails

Our long-life cocktails can be stored for 2 months and are ideal to post around Australia!

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