The Japanese Bitters Hinoki Bitters 100ml

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Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) bitters are made from 100% pure hinoki wood. Hinoki’s durability is prized and its unique aroma is renowned throughout Japan.

Light, delicate and complex, hinoki bitters are the Japanese forest in liquid form.

Tasting Notes

Flavour: pine-like, resinous, white spice 

Subtle smoke with a gentle citrus finish.

– Old Fashioned
– Manhattan
– White Negroni
– Espresso Martini


Volume: 100ml
ABV: 24%
Origin: This hinoki hails from Tama, a site outside of Tokyo known for its high quality hinoki.

How to use: Add a dash or 2 of Hinoki bitters to your drink and finish with a single drop!

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