The Japanese Bitters Shiso Bitters 100ml

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Shiso is a Japanese herb in the mint family.

Shiso bitters provide the strong, herbaceous foundation for lighter cocktails. Shiso bitters also offer an almost vegetal element that can stand up to intense flavours. 

Shiso bitters are something special- they evoke memories of barefoot strolls through greener pastures.

Tasting Notes

Herbaceous and vegetal, with notes of spearmint, basil, cinnamon and fennel

– Negroni
– Sazerac
– Mojito
– White Lady
– Beer: lager


Volume: 100ml
ABV: 24%
Origin: Blue shiso is hand-picked from famed Aoba plantation in Chiba, the home of premium shiso

How to use: Add a dash or 2 of Shiso bitters to your drink and finish with a single drop!

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