The Japanese Bitters Sakura Bitters 100ml


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Sakura bitters are hanami (the art of appreciating cherry blossom) in a bottle.

Salted and pickled to concentrate the unique flavour of Japanese cherry blossom, it encompasses spring and imparts a delicate, unique floral flavour to cocktails.

With its blossom dancing across your tastebuds, sakura leaves its trademark hanami in its wake…

Tasting Notes

Morello cherry, dried fruit, cardamom, cinnamon, woody cedar.
Sakura bitters’ floral finish lingers on the palate.  

– Balalaika
– Umeshu Boulevardier
– Sidecar

– Gin and Tonic


Volume: 100ml
ABV: 27%
Origin: Two different species of cherry blossom are used
-sakura leaves from Yae
-sakura blossom from Nagano.

How to use: Add a dash or 2 of Sakura bitters to your drink and finish with a single drop!

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