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The Sakaki Japanese Craft Gin Range is the the first series to use sakaki as a botanical. Sakaki is an evergreen tree that plays an important role in Japanese mythology, and it imparts a “foresty” flavour to the gin. 

Labelled a “unifier botanical”, sakaki is the linchpin to this exceptional gin

Sakaki XV is an exception to a stereotypical Japanese gin – as opposed to floral and citrus dominant gins, Sakaki XV is woody and spice forward with a creative blend of 15 botanicals!

Tasting Notes

Base, spicy notes like allspice, cinnamon and caraway are pronounced. Juniper forward, the addition of Japanese plum and citrus botanicals results in a smooth, fruity finish.

– Southside
– Negroni
– Pegu Club
– Gin and Tonic


Volume: 500ml
ABV: 38%
Distillery: Kishu Kimono Distillery

Sakaki Gin comes from the Kishu Kumano Distillery in Wakayama. Based along the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage trail, its unique range is inspired by the forest.

Sakaki XV Botanicals

All Spice, Caraway, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander Seed, Juniper, Lavender, Mikan, Sakaki, Sansho, Star Anise, Sudachi, Ume, Yoshino Cedar, Yuzu

Mikan– Japanese mandarin
Sakaki – Japanese evergreen tree. Imparts a light, grassy note to gin
Sansho– Japanese Pepper
Sudachi – Japanese citrus which tastes similar to combination of sour orange and grapefruit
Ume– Japanese Plum
Yoshino – Japanese cedar
Yuzu – Tart citrus reminiscent of  grapefruit and bergamot

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