Asakura Barrel Aged Shochu Liqueur – Sherry Cask Finish


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Asakura comes from a small distillery in Kyushu, Japan.

This pure barley shochu is aged in shochu seasoned American oak for 6 years.

The shochu is then finished in ex Manazilla and ex Oloroso casks. After one year has passed, the contents of both types of sherry cask are blended and bottled.

Oloroso and Manzanilla barrels impart an intriguing aroma with a light, delicate finish. A rare concoction of casks and complexity, this unusual liqueur will satiate your curiosity…

Nose: Cedar leaf, Meyer lemon, orange zest,  cinnamon.

Palate: Light, airy and multi-layered. Stewed figs and Nashi pear with a touch of ruby red grapefruit. Dragonfruit dried apricots with barely toasted hazelnuts. 

Finish: Delightfully delicate and dry. Perfect to whet the appetite!

- Neat
- Over Ice 
- Bamboo

Volume: 500ml
ABV: 40%

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