The Disney Inspired Kokoro Cocktail Collection


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Disney is timeless. Presenting the limited edition Disney inspired Kokoro Cocktail Collection! 

Inspired by classic Disney films and characters, this boxed set of 4 bespoke and vibrant cocktails including
1 x 100ml “The Villain” Cocktail
1 x 100ml “Diamond in the Rough” Cocktail
1 x 100ml “Ice-olate” Cocktail
1 x 100ml “Circle of Life” Cocktail 

Only while stocks last!!

IngredientsKiwi Infused Vodka, Maraschino Liqueur, Midori, Sherry, Lemon Verbena, The Japanese Bitters Shiso and Yuzu
GarnishLemon Peel
SongPoor Unfortunate Souls – Queen Latifah

Any scene with Disney green
Is naturally tainted,
An aura of malice and avarice
Trail the evil sainted

Be dazzled by my beauty
Charmed by lush, green tones
I can make your dreams come true
Sip into the unknown…

ABV 29%

IngredientsWhisky, Strawberry Liqueur, Red Shiso Liqueur, Orange, Aperol. Rhubarb, The Japanese Hinoki
GarnishLemon Peel
SongFriend Like Me – Ne-Yo

A cave of wonders needs its slumber
40 winks for 40 thieves
Only the diamond in the rough
Is worth waking for

This raw jewel of Arabian nights
Makes 3 wishes for the treasure in me

ABV 29%

IngredientsGin, Blue Curacao, Mandarin, Hebesu, Fino, Lavender, The Japanese Bitters Sakura
GarnishLemon Peel
Song: Let it go/Into the Unknown – Scott & Ryceejo

Snow. Sleet. Frost. Snowfall. Grue.
Avalanche. Snowflake. Hail. Storm
Flurry. Powder. Slush. Blizzard.
Glacier. Tempest. Sposh. Whiteout

Unfreeze, defrost.
Thaw, melt.

ABV 29%

: Rum, Tete Japanese Botanicals Liqueur, Elderflower Liqueur, DOM Benedictine,  Amaro Montenegro, Bitters
Garnish: Lemon Twist

Song: Circle of Life – The Trap Remix Guys

Brother 1: We are all connected in the great circle of life
Brother 2: I’m surrounded by idiots.

Same situation, different outlook. 
Both are correct.

ABV 29%

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