Malted Memories Beard Apparatus


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You are seated in a luxurious armchair, your body imprinting upon the buttery leather. The fireplace crackles beside you, talkative embers speaking to you in their secret language. Delicate fingers caress ebony and ivory keys, and the piano’s gentle song holds you in a subtle embrace.

Amidst a backdrop of vermillion curtains, a mahogany side table supports a delicate whisky old fashioned cocktail. The heavy rocks glass carries russet ambrosia. It radiates woody spice, with lightly heated orange peel lingering in the air. You take a tentative sip, smile and exhale in contentment.

The scent of THE NEW FASHIONED Beard Oil evokes this future memory.

Malted Memories Beard Apparatus is the whisky old fashioned inspired set of sleek simplicity. It contains the top-notch tools you need to retain well behaved facial follicles:
– 1 x Beard brush
– 1 x Beard Comb in a leather case
– 1 x Canvas Tote
– 1 x Scissors
– 1 x THE NEW FASHIONED Beard Oil 30ml
– 1 x THE NEW FASHIONED Beard Balm 30g

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