“Koi Shisou” Red Shiso Liqueur


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Koi shisou translates to “I’m falling in love”. This red shiso liqueur will warm your heart and elevate cocktails with both its colour and flavour.

The radiant crimson blush and flavour is achieved without colouring agents or additives, simply the renowned red of Kyushu sourced shiso.

Hailing from Sengetsu Shuzo in Kumamoto prefecture, Aka Shiso Liqueur is a traditionally distilled rice shochu based liqueur containing Kumamoto premium red shiso.

With the well-rounded texture from a rice shochu foundation, red shiso imparts juicy pomegranate alongside tart Granny Smith apple notes.

This is accompanied by a soft, floral hibiscus and fresh mint. With subtle undertones of warm spice, this liqueur has a unique flavour with a gentle, refreshing finish.

Recommended serving: Gimlet, Manhattan, Negroni, Aperol Spritz

ABV 7%

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